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from the director

This story is an illustration of moments in my life that have had a defining impact on my personal growth. The main character Wini is a representation of my grandparents – a merging of several hearts and minds that continue to have an influence in my everyday life.

When I was a young boy, my grandparents fascinated me. They carried with them deep, personal histories that will forever be a mystery. Yet their own pasts informed how they raised me as a child. I was continually encouraged and never cast down. They passed away before I came into my own as an adult, gay man – save for my maternal grandmother. I had the opportunity to share this part of my life with her before she died. But I was too afraid. This fable is for that missed opportunity. There were many instances that I now read as an obvious understanding between the two of us. This film represents those single, defining moments – however short or silent – that have changed me forever.

This a time when youths are bullied for reasons they barely comprehend. All it takes is for one person to extend a hand. This film is a thank you to those people in my life who took me by the hand, helped me to my feet, and gave me the courage to take that first step towards self-acceptance. Through Wini and George’s eyes, we come to understand that it’s never too late or too early to learn how to live life with fervency and love – for yourself, and for others.