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Janine Sides

wini and george director of photography  janine sides

Janine Sides is a director, writer, and cinematographer in her third year at the University of California’s Graduate School of Cinematic Arts. She has received numerous awards and accolades for her work as director and cinematographer. Janine has had a long relationship with the image, and uses it to narrate fairytales and childhood experiences. Janine Sides started taking pictures when she was sixteen-years-old, thanks to the support of a high school teacher.

After earning a bachelor's degree in journalism, Janine began working as a photojournalist in the Washington D.C. area. She has traveled all over the world for non-profits, government organizations, and publications photographing world events. While working as a photographer, Janine started shooting short films and working in the independent film community in the D.C. area. She also made documentary films for the U.S. Department of State before starting the USC Cinematic Arts graduate program. While at USC, Janine has received the Sun Cinematography Scholarship and the Edward Thomas Troutner Endowed Scholarship.

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